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Prevention is Easier than Recovery
Teri 02/12/2018 Comments
Our newspaper had a special Sunday section devoted to health. The main article was about doctors who are treating patients with a holistic approach called Lifestyle medicine. The following quote was shocking to me:
Change Can Happen
Teri 02/05/2018 Comments
The Super Bowl is over and the Eagles have a championship. While I enjoy watching football, I am one of those people who tells everyone to shush so I can watch the commercials.
Own It!
Teri 01/22/2018 Comments
 Can you stand one more post about sticking to healthy habits in the new year? I recently read an article called...
My Ongoing Yoga Journey
Teri 01/15/2018 Comments
Raise your hand if you think yoga is about stretching and you need to be super flexible to participate. Raise your other one if you think yoga does not qualify as “real” exercise...
2018 is here, ahhhh....
Teri 01/08/2018 Comments
Could you all hear the collective sigh last week as the holidays finally came to an end? Some were sighing in relief, some in...

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