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Your Own Personal Perfect
Teri 07/03/2017 Comments
There is no denying we live in an appearance-obsessed society. We are bombarded with images that purport to show what beauty looks like and opinions on how we can...
A Vegetable by Any Other Name...
Teri 06/27/2017 Comments
Imagine you are at a restaurant and the server is telling you about the day’s specials. When he gets to the vegetable of the day he describes it as...
Changing Body Thoughts
Teri 06/12/2017 Comments
The last few months have given me a lot of time to think about my body. It has been a revelation as to how thinking about my body has changed over the last 50 years.
Make a Plan
Teri 06/05/2017 Comments
Last week a front page story in our local paper caught my attention: Strokes Striking More Young People. Since my dad’s stroke two months ago...
Feeling Grateful
Teri 05/29/2017 Comments
Life Can Change In An Instant
Teri 04/10/2017 Comments
An Active Vacation
Teri 04/03/2017 Comments
We were lucky to have an opportunity to spend half of March in Southern California. One part about vacation that I enjoy is being able to get outside and exercise.
Yes, I'll Have Avocado With That!
Teri 03/27/2017 Comments
 We had a wonderful, extended vacation in Southern California. We toured a bunch of places, ate a lot of vegetarian food...
Use It Up!
Teri 02/27/2017 Comments
I recently read that Americans waste 133 billion pounds of food each year. Yes, billion with a b.
Sacrifice or Choice?
Teri 02/20/2017 Comments
I have written before about the reactions I get from people when they find out I am vegetarian. Last week...
Two Vegetarians at a Steakhouse
Teri 02/13/2017 Comments
 A few weeks ago my father turned 80 and we took him out to celebrate. He wanted to go to Longhorn Steak House so that is where we went. Obviously not a vegetarian’s first choice for dinner but when you turn 80 you get to pick where to celebrate.
Some Favorite Books
Teri 01/30/2017 Comments
I love to read. Each year I set a goal for myself to read at least one book per week.
Why I Marched
Teri 01/23/2017 Comments
I am proud to say I participated in one of the Women's Marches held January 21.
Can You or Can't You?
Teri 01/16/2017 Comments
We are halfway through January already! Are sticking to any goals you set for the new year?
Having and Being a Role Model
Teri 01/09/2017 Comments
I write this blog because it is a way to satisfy my desire to write, to share my “take” on many subjects and to try and provide some information that may help you. When I am asked what I write about...
Resolutions, Intentions and Commitments
Teri 01/02/2017 Comments
When I was in school, January always meant an english teacher would give us an assignment that involved writing about our New Year’s resolutions. Somewhere along the line the word resolution became unacceptable...

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