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2018 is here, ahhhh....

Teri 01/08/2018 Comments

Could you all hear the collective sigh last week as the holidays finally came to an end? Some were sighing in relief, some in disappointment and some in anticipation. Relief the holidays were over, disappointment the holidays were over and anticipation for a new year. 


I realize it has been awhile since I last wrote and I want to assure everyone all is well. Every Monday seemed to have some commitment or surprise that prevented me from sitting down and writing. I kept trying to plan better, but I just decided to let life happen and accept I wasn’t going to get something written. I was telling myself it was time to recharge and create experiences to write about! While that is the truth, it was also a time of relaxing and enjoying the moment.


I recently had a conversation with someone who has had the opportunity to travel extensively over the course of her life. She commented how she does not always have photos of her many adventures. I remarked that she does indeed have photos, they are in her mind. There used to be a time when we would totally immerse ourselves in our experiences without feeling regretful that we don’t have tangible evidence. I have found myself taking less photos in recent years because I do not want to see an event by looking at a screen. Right in front of our eyes may be a wonder of the world or a child may be performing their heart out or a gorgeous sunset or any other wonderful moment and I see people watching it through the screen on their phone or camera. 


I stand in line at Starbucks and take the opportunity to breath in the aroma of fresh coffee and see the baristas perform their art on various beverages. Then I look at the others in line and they are all looking at their phone, as if the world in front of them is not exciting enough to hold their attention. 


I am one of those last minute shoppers at the holidays. I actually enjoy going to the stores and reveling in the smiles and cheer of people around me as we look for that perfect gift, hopefully at rock bottom prices. So often I now see people paying more attention to their phone than their surroundings. How can the sparkly lights, beautiful decorations and the wonder of the season be less attractive than whatever is on that little screen? 


I do not make resolutions (which is a resolution in itself, I know), but I do love the feeling of a fresh start that accompanies a new year. Part of that feeling is taking a deep breath and, yes, sighing it out. Then I take another one and really enjoying the feeling of being alive, no electronic device needed. I encourage everyone reading to try it (right after you finish reading my blog). Ironically, I am going to leave you with a picture I took while looking out my window and enjoying the view. 



Next week I will be back with a new recipe. I am hoping to continue to post recipes, I may not be able to make it happen every week. Yopu can check out my recipe page if you need ideas. 

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