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Banana-Oatmeal Pancakes

Whole Grain Buttermilk Pancakes


Snacks/Side Dishes

Homemade Hummus

Vegan American Cheese Ro*Tel Dip

Smooth and Creamy Hummus

Mix 'n Match Granola Bites

Mushroom Cashew Pate

Texas Caviar

Creamy Cashew Sauce

Roasemary Chili Roasted Nuts

Dark and Stormy Caramel Popcorn

Smoky Onion Dip

Sweet Potato Noodles with Onions and Spinach

Vegan Tzatziki Dip



Deli-Style Chickpea Salad

Quinoa Veggie Burgers

Carolina Style BBQ sandwiches

Tempeh Reubens

Tempeh Reubens 2

Veg-Out Sammies

Barbecue Cauliflower Sandwiches

 Portobello and Pineapple Teriyaki Burgers

Egg-less Egg Salad

Home made Flatbreads (link)

Tofu Banh Mi Sandwiches

Vietnamese Portobello Sandwiches

Smoky Roasted Coconut

Italian Seasoned Tempeh Sandwiches

Millet and Arugula Burger

Fresh Tomato and Arugula Bruschetta

Shredded Sweet Potato and Carmalized Onion Sandwich 

Maple-Pepper Jackfruit

Tempeh Salad Sandwiches




Roasted Tomato Soup

Easy Miso Ramen Soup

Chipotle Black Bean Soup

Three Bean Bourbon Chili

Artichoke White Bean Soup

Spicy Black Bean Soup

Sweet Potato Peanut Soup

Spicy Sun-Dried Tomato Vegetable Soup

Risotto and Brussel Sprout Soup

White Bean Hominy Chili

Split Pea Soup

Mushroom, Spinach and Bean Noodle Soup

Vegetable Top Soup

Mushroom, Bean and Barley Soup


Main Dishes

Greens and Beans

Zucchini Pie

Pesto Pasta

Grilled Escarole Salad with White Beans

Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

Baked Artichoke and Pepper Polenta

Rice With Lemon Basil and Tomatoes

Linguine in Lemon Cream Sauce

Broccoli Cheddar Oven Risotto

Cheese Torteillini with Cannellini Bean Sauce

 Harissa-Spiced Israeli Couscous

Puff Pastry Tart

Linguine with Pine Nuts, Garlic, and Capers

Fettuccine with Chardonnay Sauce

Chick Nuggets

Cilantro Hush Puppy Tacos

Oven Baked Chick-Peas with Citrus

Spring Loaded Pasta Primavera

Spinach, Tomato and Feta Quiche

Toasted Quinoa Tabbouleh

Southwestern Rice Salad

Vegetable and Feta Casserole

Vegetable (Meat)balls

Burrata Cheese and Roasted Leeks with Lemon Mustard Vinaigrette

White Bean, Corn and Tomato Salad with Lemon Basil Vinaigrette

Spanakopita Rice Pie

 Vegetable Loaf with Balsamic Glaze

Tofu "Ricotta"

Twice Baked Honey Nut Squash

Almond Crusted Tempeh Patties

Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

Pasta with Pepitas and Beans

Spinach and Ricotta Dumplings

Mini Mushroom-Asparagus Lasagnas

Sweet Potato, Chick Pea and Fresh Sage Tarts

Sauteed Leeks

Chipotle Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tostadas

Pasta e Fagiole

Carrot Dogs

Fajita Tofu Kebabs

Zucchini and Portobello Quiche

Arugula, Parsely and Walnut Pesto

Macaroni Casserole Sauce

Roasted Vegetables in Peanut Sauce

Red Enchilada Sauce

Tempeh Bolognese

Roasted Butternut Squash and Black Bean Tacos

London Broil Tofu

Roasted Vegetable Garlic Pasta

Broccoli Dip and Rice Casserole

Cajun Joes

Winter Squash and Nut Pie

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Chili Cheddar Hasselback Potatoes

Buffalo Chickpea Pizza

Baked Rice with Feta and Mint-Pomegranate Relish

Grilled Vegetables and Tofu over Couscous

Artichoke and Mushroom Rice with Pesto

Zucchini, Cabbage and Peanut Noodle Salad

Spring Rolls

Jalapeno-Zucchini-Tomato-Tofu Bake

Avgolemono Linguine with Spinach, Mushroom and Green Beans

Black Bean Tostadas with Cilantro Lime Rice

Slow-Cooker Stuffed Peppers

Ravioli with Roasted Squash

Mashed Potato and Garlic Dip Patties

Risotto with Beer, Cheddar and Roasted Vegetables

Cajun Mac 'n Cheese

Enchilada Casserole

Take 2 Carrot Dogs

Cool Grain Salad

Taco Salad with Avocado Lime Dressing

Zucchini and Arugula Pesto

Sweet Potato and Mushroom Cannelloni

Cannellini Beans and Squash over Spinach

Ravioli topped with Lemon White Wine Sauce

Roasted Vegetables with Lemon-Pepper Tempeh and Feta

Enchilada Tacos

Vegan Mac and Cheese topped with Smoky, Crispy Shiitakes

Vegan Pasta Carbonara

Ramp Pesto

Ramen Noodle Salad with Peanut Dressing

Lemon Roasted Tempeh

Grilled Caesar Salad

Tofu Poke Salad

Barbecue Jackfuit with Mushrooms over Rice

Baked Fettuccine Pie

Baked Pasta Bolognese (Vegan)

Smoky Sprouts, Shiitakes and Beans on Toast

Baked Sweet Potato with Balsamic Maple Bacon

Vegan DIY Nachos

Chickpea Nuggets

Peanutty Noodles with Tempeh Crumbles

Butternut Squash Steaks


Side Dishes

Summer Bean and Corn Salad

Lemony Cabbage Avocado Slaw

Smokey Black Eyed Peas

Salad Dressings

Sesame Twists

Chick Pea and Spinach Salad

Greek Salad with Avocado

Chickpea Salad

Summer Vegetable Biscuits

Stuffin' Muffins

Cranberry Sauce

Smoky Tofu

Roasted Vegetables

Cauliflower Salad

Cashew Gravy

Cran-Nut Barley Salad

Orange Ramen Noodle Salad

Ramp Pesto Grain Salad

Carmalized Onion Cornbread

Barbecue Sauce

Roasted Squash Pizza Rolls


Trio of Salads

Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower



Banana Ice Cream

Chocolate Raspberry Tofu Pie

Vanilla Almond Coconut Cookies

Snickerdoodle Bread

Key Lime "Cheesecake" Balls

Roasted Almond Cookies with Fleur de Sel

Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

Fruit Tartlets

Peach Kuchen

Vegan Black Bean Carob Brownies

Vegan Snickerdoodles

 No Bake Cashew Cheesecake Cups

Cinnamon Sunflower-Butter Chickpea Blondies

Basic Sugar Cookie

Salted Caramel Cookies

Lemon Blueberry Almond Cookies

Almond Blueberry Food Processor Cake

Almond Cookies

Vegan Cake Batter Baked Donuts

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