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A Joyful Occasion

Teri 10/15/2018 Comments

This week I want to share a joyful event my family had this past week. 


As many of you know, the past year and a half has been full of difficulties and challenges as my father has adjusted to being in a wheelchair. We have experienced new normals, new living arrangements and many ups and downs. 


Being confined to a wheelchair involves a lot of struggles, both in the ability to perform everyday functions, and to get anywhere. No more spur of the moment dinner outings. No quick trips to the store. No making appointments whenever one is available. Any travel has to be arranged for when the shuttle is available. All that changed for my dad when a former coworker contacted him and told him that he wanted to purchase a wheelchair van for him. When asked why, he explained that my dad had been a wonderful boss and he wanted to show his appreciation by helping him now that he was in need. It is a gift that will open up many opportunites for my dad.


I spent part of last week getting the van insured, registered, and inspected.


An hour and a half at the DMV paid off!


I was determined to get it on the road in time to get my dad to my brother’s surprise 60th birthday party on Saturday. I think the below picture shows how much dad enjoyed that night. It was the first time since his stroke that we were all together laughing and relishing our time together. No need to talk about doctor's appoinments or aide schedules or medications or any other logistics. Just fun!




This story is a good reminder that it always pays to be kind and fair and good to others. The future is uncertain and you never know when your actions will come back to haunt you or honor you.


Due to a couple fun nights out and lots of leftovers, last week I did not cook much. I will leave you with a picture of the gorgeous produce still available at the Public Market!


Washing tip: I fill my sink with cold water and a cup of white vinegar and let produce sit in it for 10 minutes. I rinse and allow to dry thoroughly before storing.




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