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Life Can Change In An Instant

Teri 04/10/2017 Comments

I find it ironic how much time we spend planning our days, weeks, months and life and then a life-changing event can happen in an instant and all that planning is no longer needed. Sometimes it can be the most wonderful thing ever. I knew that I had found the man I would marry on our first date and my life has never been the same. Sometimes it is not so good. An accident, illness or unexpected death can make us realize how precious life is and we see all our plans were not so important after all.


Our family experienced such a moment last week. In an instant our lives changed and now we need to take time to figure out what the future will hold. I have been reflecting a lot on life as I have been sitting in the hospital and I want to encourage everyone reading to take a moment to hug a loved one, enjoy the sun on your face or just take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and think of one thing to be grateful for. Life is a balancing act. We have to make the everyday plans that fill us with purpose and give us goals to work towards. We also need to take time to remember what makes us human. That is harder to plan into our days. Unfortunately, when we get busy, often the first thing we give up is the time we need to recharge and take care of ourselves. This week my message is remember that the time you take for yourself is just as important as showing up for meetings or appointments or cleaning the house or shopping for groceries or whatever else you have scheduled. It's easy to say stop and smell the roses, but it really is important. And that sniff only takes a moment. Avoid the woulda, coulda, shoulda that comes with getting too caught up in the things you think you have to do instead of including things you want to do in your schedule.


Please find the balance because life can change in an instant.



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