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Ice Storm Memories and Lessons
Teri 03/04/2019 Comments
The local news has been making a big deal of today’s anniversary of the big ice storm in Rochester that occurred 25 years ago. If you lived here then I am sure...
If It Works For You, Go For It!
Teri 02/11/2019 Comments
February 9 is fall off the wagon day. That is when the number of visits to fast food restaurants outnumber gym visits.
It's All in the Attitude
Teri 02/05/2019 Comments
Yesterday was an uncommon day here in Rochester. We broke a record high and it was such a treat I got outside for any reason. Living here means dealing with...
New Book Recommendations
Teri 01/14/2019 Comments
This week I am going to write my third annual post of book recommendations.
Embracing Hope in 2019
Teri 01/07/2019 Comments
Happy New Year! After a busy holiday season, I feel refreshed and ready to get back to writing!

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