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Treat Yourself
Teri 07/09/2018 Comments
 When you think about exercising what is your first reaction? A groan? A smile? Anxiety? Satisfaction?
Teri 07/02/2018 Comments
I know how dangerous it can be to bring up certain topics in this country. The old adage of never bringing up religion or politics in polite company extends to never bring them up in any circumstance, unless you are sure you are among like-minded people.
Is it Time for a Reset?
Teri 06/25/2018 Comments
We’ve all seen it and cursed it and drummed our fingers because of it and lost our patience because of it...
A Pew for a Miniature Goat
Teri 06/11/2018 Comments
One of the things I miss about working in the service industry is the chance to meet people and listen to their stories. And everyone has story.
A Balance
Teri 06/04/2018 Comments
Last year was tough for me. Between coping with my parent’s health and taking over their finances and daily concerns I experienced a huge increase in my stress levels. When this happens...
A Renaissance Body
Teri 05/21/2018 Comments
Recently, I had the opportunity to visit our local art gallery. I learned a few things about different eras of art as well as what kind of artwork I prefer. Some pieces made me...
Take A Peek
Teri 05/14/2018 Comments
The best thing I read last week was about a woman who saw a need for shoes that are easy to get on and off if the wearer has a brace on. She took an ordinary shoe, cut it in half...
Be Kind To Others AND Yourself
Teri 04/25/2018 Comments
The best plans can go kerflooey. As most of you know I try to get a blog posted on Mondays. This week...
A Treasure Hunt
Teri 04/16/2018 Comments
Every morning I go on a treasure hunt.
A Tough Subject
Teri 04/09/2018 Comments
This week I am going to dip my toe into a tough subject. Last night on 60 Minutes...
Vacation Wrap Up
Teri 04/02/2018 Comments
We had a wonderful time on vacation, and once again the weather on the East coast extended our trip because our flights kept getting cancelled (exact same thing happened last year). Aside from...
Book Recommendations
Teri 03/05/2018 Comments
My recommendations for books I read in 2017.
A Visit to the Dentist
Teri 02/26/2018 Comments
A couple of weeks ago I went to the dentist. When I checked in I was asked...
Prevention is Easier than Recovery
Teri 02/12/2018 Comments
Our newspaper had a special Sunday section devoted to health. The main article was about doctors who are treating patients with a holistic approach called Lifestyle medicine. The following quote was shocking to me:
Change Can Happen
Teri 02/05/2018 Comments
The Super Bowl is over and the Eagles have a championship. While I enjoy watching football, I am one of those people who tells everyone to shush so I can watch the commercials.
Own It!
Teri 01/22/2018 Comments
 Can you stand one more post about sticking to healthy habits in the new year? I recently read an article called...
My Ongoing Yoga Journey
Teri 01/15/2018 Comments
Raise your hand if you think yoga is about stretching and you need to be super flexible to participate. Raise your other one if you think yoga does not qualify as “real” exercise...
2018 is here, ahhhh....
Teri 01/08/2018 Comments
Could you all hear the collective sigh last week as the holidays finally came to an end? Some were sighing in relief, some in...

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