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Slowing Down
Teri 05/20/2019 Comments
One of my favorite parts in the paper is printed on Sunday and is called This Week in History.
Point of View is Everything
Teri 05/06/2019 Comments
I am the first to admit I am a glass half full kind of person. As such, I find it hard to understand when people seem to get upset over trivial things. Okay, I know what may seem trivial...
Thank Goodness for Siri!
Teri 04/15/2019 Comments
Last week I told you I had written a post the week before and forgot to post it after I finished writing. I got to thinking about how often I get distracted and lose track of what I am doing. The other day I was reading the paper
It's About Being Strong and Fit
Teri 04/08/2019 Comments
We all know the saying it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. I believe this to be true in plenty of situations. But then there are many times that what you are saying is as important as how you are saying it.
Enjoying Each Vacation Day
Teri 03/25/2019 Comments
Happy spring! My husband and I had a wonderful two week vacation in Southern California.
Ice Storm Memories and Lessons
Teri 03/04/2019 Comments
The local news has been making a big deal of today’s anniversary of the big ice storm in Rochester that occurred 25 years ago. If you lived here then I am sure...
If It Works For You, Go For It!
Teri 02/11/2019 Comments
February 9 is fall off the wagon day. That is when the number of visits to fast food restaurants outnumber gym visits.
It's All in the Attitude
Teri 02/05/2019 Comments
Yesterday was an uncommon day here in Rochester. We broke a record high and it was such a treat I got outside for any reason. Living here means dealing with...
New Book Recommendations
Teri 01/14/2019 Comments
This week I am going to write my third annual post of book recommendations.
Embracing Hope in 2019
Teri 01/07/2019 Comments
Happy New Year! After a busy holiday season, I feel refreshed and ready to get back to writing!

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