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Slowing Down
Teri 05/20/2019 Comments
One of my favorite parts in the paper is printed on Sunday and is called This Week in History.
Point of View is Everything
Teri 05/06/2019 Comments
I am the first to admit I am a glass half full kind of person. As such, I find it hard to understand when people seem to get upset over trivial things. Okay, I know what may seem trivial...
Thank Goodness for Siri!
Teri 04/15/2019 Comments
Last week I told you I had written a post the week before and forgot to post it after I finished writing. I got to thinking about how often I get distracted and lose track of what I am doing. The other day I was reading the paper
It's About Being Strong and Fit
Teri 04/08/2019 Comments
We all know the saying it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. I believe this to be true in plenty of situations. But then there are many times that what you are saying is as important as how you are saying it.
Enjoying Each Vacation Day
Teri 03/25/2019 Comments
Happy spring! My husband and I had a wonderful two week vacation in Southern California.
Ice Storm Memories and Lessons
Teri 03/04/2019 Comments
The local news has been making a big deal of today’s anniversary of the big ice storm in Rochester that occurred 25 years ago. If you lived here then I am sure...
If It Works For You, Go For It!
Teri 02/11/2019 Comments
February 9 is fall off the wagon day. That is when the number of visits to fast food restaurants outnumber gym visits.
It's All in the Attitude
Teri 02/05/2019 Comments
Yesterday was an uncommon day here in Rochester. We broke a record high and it was such a treat I got outside for any reason. Living here means dealing with...
New Book Recommendations
Teri 01/14/2019 Comments
This week I am going to write my third annual post of book recommendations.
Embracing Hope in 2019
Teri 01/07/2019 Comments
Happy New Year! After a busy holiday season, I feel refreshed and ready to get back to writing!
An Easy Strategy to Get Me Through Holiday Eating
Teri 11/26/2018 Comments
And we are off! The holiday season is in full swing!
It Doesn't Have To Be Either/Or
Teri 11/12/2018 Comments
A Personal Choice
Teri 10/29/2018 Comments
Halloween. The very word can strike fear into anyone trying not to overindulgence on sweets! Everyone has strategies.
A Joyful Occasion
Teri 10/15/2018 Comments
This week I want to share a joyful event my family had this past week. 
Yes, I Enjoy Ironing
Teri 10/08/2018 Comments
My husband loves to golf. I have an appreciation for the game, but do not share the same passion for it that he does. Since we were married when we were both 40, he was already...
Their Issue, Not Mine
Teri 10/01/2018 Comments
Did your parents ever say, “What will the neighbors think?” when someone in your family did something they thought was embarrassing? When I was in grad school...
A NY Times Magazine Treasure Trove
Teri 09/24/2018 Comments
I am a crossword puzzle fan. I love the progression of difficulty from Monday...
Getting it Done
Teri 09/10/2018 Comments
Today in Rochester is a very rainy, dreary day. I find it hard to get motivated to do anything on days like this, including writing this post. My solution is to...
Taming A Task
Teri 08/27/2018 Comments
Task Tamer. I came up with that name for my business because I felt it captured what I can do for my clients.
Positive Energy
Teri 08/13/2018 Comments
We all know people who are difficult to be around. Many years ago I read...
Are You Busy Living?
Teri 08/06/2018 Comments
I am not a big movie buff. I rarely go to the theater nor do I watch many at home. However, I have seen the Shawshank Redemption and the above quote nicely sums up the movie.
Teri 07/23/2018 Comments
Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” He was referring to...
Treat Yourself
Teri 07/09/2018 Comments
 When you think about exercising what is your first reaction? A groan? A smile? Anxiety? Satisfaction?
Teri 07/02/2018 Comments
I know how dangerous it can be to bring up certain topics in this country. The old adage of never bringing up religion or politics in polite company extends to never bring them up in any circumstance, unless you are sure you are among like-minded people.
Is it Time for a Reset?
Teri 06/25/2018 Comments
We’ve all seen it and cursed it and drummed our fingers because of it and lost our patience because of it...
A Pew for a Miniature Goat
Teri 06/11/2018 Comments
One of the things I miss about working in the service industry is the chance to meet people and listen to their stories. And everyone has story.
A Balance
Teri 06/04/2018 Comments
Last year was tough for me. Between coping with my parent’s health and taking over their finances and daily concerns I experienced a huge increase in my stress levels. When this happens...
A Renaissance Body
Teri 05/21/2018 Comments
Recently, I had the opportunity to visit our local art gallery. I learned a few things about different eras of art as well as what kind of artwork I prefer. Some pieces made me...
Take A Peek
Teri 05/14/2018 Comments
The best thing I read last week was about a woman who saw a need for shoes that are easy to get on and off if the wearer has a brace on. She took an ordinary shoe, cut it in half...
Be Kind To Others AND Yourself
Teri 04/25/2018 Comments
The best plans can go kerflooey. As most of you know I try to get a blog posted on Mondays. This week...
A Treasure Hunt
Teri 04/16/2018 Comments
Every morning I go on a treasure hunt.
A Tough Subject
Teri 04/09/2018 Comments
This week I am going to dip my toe into a tough subject. Last night on 60 Minutes...
Vacation Wrap Up
Teri 04/02/2018 Comments
We had a wonderful time on vacation, and once again the weather on the East coast extended our trip because our flights kept getting cancelled (exact same thing happened last year). Aside from...
Book Recommendations
Teri 03/05/2018 Comments
My recommendations for books I read in 2017.
A Visit to the Dentist
Teri 02/26/2018 Comments
A couple of weeks ago I went to the dentist. When I checked in I was asked...
Prevention is Easier than Recovery
Teri 02/12/2018 Comments
Our newspaper had a special Sunday section devoted to health. The main article was about doctors who are treating patients with a holistic approach called Lifestyle medicine. The following quote was shocking to me:
Change Can Happen
Teri 02/05/2018 Comments
The Super Bowl is over and the Eagles have a championship. While I enjoy watching football, I am one of those people who tells everyone to shush so I can watch the commercials.
Own It!
Teri 01/22/2018 Comments
 Can you stand one more post about sticking to healthy habits in the new year? I recently read an article called...
My Ongoing Yoga Journey
Teri 01/15/2018 Comments
Raise your hand if you think yoga is about stretching and you need to be super flexible to participate. Raise your other one if you think yoga does not qualify as “real” exercise...
2018 is here, ahhhh....
Teri 01/08/2018 Comments
Could you all hear the collective sigh last week as the holidays finally came to an end? Some were sighing in relief, some in...
Pick What Works for You
Teri 11/27/2017 Comments
Can you stand yet another post about how to stay healthy and refrain form overeating during the holiday season?
Thankful Reminder
Teri 11/20/2017 Comments
As I have written in the last few weeks, our family has had it’s share of struggles this year. I admit that at times I have found it very hard to express gratitude...
Seize the Moment
Teri 11/13/2017 Comments
The last couple of weeks my Mondays have not gone according to plan. I woke thinking about what I needed to do...
The Joys of Getting Older
Teri 10/31/2017 Comments
If you know anyone who is younger than 35 make sure to remind them how lucky they are to not have the aches and pains associated with getting older and to not have to get subjected to the medical tests we need as we age. Oh, they will probably just roll their eyes...
Stand Up
Teri 10/16/2017 Comments
Too often, protecting institutions and reputations wins out over speaking up for victims. 
You are more than just...
Teri 10/09/2017 Comments
I’ve been thinking a lot about a recent article I read. It had to do with encouraging teenagers, a topic I do not usually find of interest since I do not have any teenagers. However, the title drew me in...
I Didn't Have It After All
Teri 10/02/2017 Comments
Your Own Personal Perfect
Teri 07/03/2017 Comments
There is no denying we live in an appearance-obsessed society. We are bombarded with images that purport to show what beauty looks like and opinions on how we can...
A Vegetable by Any Other Name...
Teri 06/27/2017 Comments
Imagine you are at a restaurant and the server is telling you about the day’s specials. When he gets to the vegetable of the day he describes it as...
Changing Body Thoughts
Teri 06/12/2017 Comments
The last few months have given me a lot of time to think about my body. It has been a revelation as to how thinking about my body has changed over the last 50 years.
Make a Plan
Teri 06/05/2017 Comments
Last week a front page story in our local paper caught my attention: Strokes Striking More Young People. Since my dad’s stroke two months ago...
Feeling Grateful
Teri 05/29/2017 Comments
Life Can Change In An Instant
Teri 04/10/2017 Comments
An Active Vacation
Teri 04/03/2017 Comments
We were lucky to have an opportunity to spend half of March in Southern California. One part about vacation that I enjoy is being able to get outside and exercise.
Yes, I'll Have Avocado With That!
Teri 03/27/2017 Comments
 We had a wonderful, extended vacation in Southern California. We toured a bunch of places, ate a lot of vegetarian food...
Use It Up!
Teri 02/27/2017 Comments
I recently read that Americans waste 133 billion pounds of food each year. Yes, billion with a b.
Sacrifice or Choice?
Teri 02/20/2017 Comments
I have written before about the reactions I get from people when they find out I am vegetarian. Last week...
Two Vegetarians at a Steakhouse
Teri 02/13/2017 Comments
 A few weeks ago my father turned 80 and we took him out to celebrate. He wanted to go to Longhorn Steak House so that is where we went. Obviously not a vegetarian’s first choice for dinner but when you turn 80 you get to pick where to celebrate.
Some Favorite Books
Teri 01/30/2017 Comments
I love to read. Each year I set a goal for myself to read at least one book per week.
Why I Marched
Teri 01/23/2017 Comments
I am proud to say I participated in one of the Women's Marches held January 21.
Can You or Can't You?
Teri 01/16/2017 Comments
We are halfway through January already! Are sticking to any goals you set for the new year?
Having and Being a Role Model
Teri 01/09/2017 Comments
I write this blog because it is a way to satisfy my desire to write, to share my “take” on many subjects and to try and provide some information that may help you. When I am asked what I write about...
Resolutions, Intentions and Commitments
Teri 01/02/2017 Comments
When I was in school, January always meant an english teacher would give us an assignment that involved writing about our New Year’s resolutions. Somewhere along the line the word resolution became unacceptable...
Happy Holidays!
Teri 12/19/2016 Comments
This is the week of last minute prepping, shopping and planning so I am going to keep this blog short and sweet. I encourage everyone to take time for yourself.
Teri's Take Shopping Tips
Teri 12/12/2016 Comments
Budget. That is a nasty word this time of year! So many presents, hostess gifts...
Leave Perfection to the Experts!
Teri 12/05/2016 Comments
December showed up so quickly! I find this is the month that can bring out the best and the worst in people. 
I Love Potatoes!
Teri 11/28/2016 Comments
I grew up in a family that loves potatoes. My mother never met a potato she didn't like.
Moving Forward
Teri 11/14/2016 Comments
It has been a tough week for our country. So much negativity has taken a toll on many people, myself included.
Surprising Sources of Protein
Teri 11/07/2016 Comments
When I tell people I am vegetarian one of the first questions I get asked is how do you get protein? I covered this topic in one of my very first blogs, What do I Eat? As I read back through what I wrote I found that my eating habits are still pretty similar but I have learned a little more about how I can get protein in my diet.
My all Knowing Friend, the Internet
Teri 10/24/2016 Comments
The internet: the land of wasting time watching cat videos, playing games, getting more information about any subject than you can read in a lifetime and...
Celebrate Accomplishments
Teri 10/17/2016 Comments
When I was in high school there was a girl in my class who seemed to have it all: popularity, brains, athletic ability and beauty. I remember feeling jealous...
Fall is the Perfect Time to Exercise!
Teri 10/10/2016 Comments
After the super hot summer we had, many people are happy fall has finally arrived. While I would prefer...
Election Stress
Teri 10/03/2016 Comments
I have voted in the last 8 presidential elections. I always try to be an educated voter by...
Life is a Balance
Teri 09/19/2016 Comments
One of my Facebook friends recently posted a quote from Christopher Walken: “None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after thought. Eat...
Teri 09/12/2016 Comments
Yesterday was a solemn day for remembering an awful attack on America.
It's Your Attitude
Teri 09/05/2016 Comments
Are you a glass half-full or half-empty kind of person? I can say with total certainty that I am a firm believer in half-full.
Get the Info and Make a Plan
Teri 08/22/2016 Comments
It seems every month when my new issue of Health or Shape I read about a new type of workout or new research to show what is the best way to exercise. Last month was no exception.
It's All Part of Living
Teri 08/15/2016 Comments
Last week I had an opportunity to volunteer at a golf tournament for juniors and saw the jubilation and heartbreak associated with tough competition. I wanted to hug each one and...
Revisiting the Public Market
Teri 08/01/2016 Comments
A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about the Public Market. When I came across this article with dos and don’ts for shopping at a farmers market I went back to reread what I wrote and decided to share it again and add to what I had written.
Fitness Trackers and Lady Florence
Teri 07/25/2016 Comments
 Dog days of summer! Ever wonder what that phrase means? I looked it up and it refers to...
Nutritious Food Will Keep You Healthy
Teri 07/11/2016 Comments
It seems the world is full of people who are willing to offer unsolicited advice. There are two topics that you are supposed to avoid to maintain polite conversation: religion and politics. I would like to add another...
It's Just the Beginning!
Teri 06/27/2016 Comments
Last Tuesday was June 21, also known as the Summer Solstice. It is the longest day of the year and the official start to summer. That day is always depressing to me. 
Stretch it Out
Teri 06/20/2016 Comments
It seems I have a theme going this month for the “new normal”. Well, if you call mentioning it twice in one month a theme, then I’m onto something. It can be a challenge...
Teri 06/13/2016 Comments
My sister and I are less than a year apart in age. Our mother used to joke that she felt she was caring for twins but for us it was awesome because we had a built-in playmate! Behind our childhood home...
The New Normal
Teri 06/06/2016 Comments
Last Monday was Memorial Day and we spent it with my side of the family. We had a lovely day that included a picnic at my brother’s house. The older I get...
To Vegan or Not To Vegan
Teri 05/23/2016 Comments
Back in the late 1980’s I decided to go vegetarian. 
Weighing in on Metabolism
Teri 05/16/2016 Comments
This week I have a doctor’s appointment for a routine checkup. It’s not something I am looking forward to. Aside from having to...
Happy Birthday!
Teri 05/02/2016 Comments
How do you feel when your birthday rolls around each year? Excited? Depressed? Do you wish everyone would help you celebrate or just ignore it?
Eating Out
Teri 04/25/2016 Comments
Every once in a while we have a week where we seem to eat out more than normal. Sometimes we have a lot of dates planned together or with friends and other times life gets so busy...
A Bad Choice
Teri 04/18/2016 Comments
Ever think about your little toe? The one that goes whee, whee whee, all the way home?
Delayed Gratification
Teri 03/28/2016 Comments
Have you ever heard of the marshmallow test? Back in the 1960s researchers presented hundreds of...
I'm an Addict!
Teri 03/21/2016 Comments
Ever stop to think about your addictions? I truly believe we all have at least one.
10% of your time
Teri 03/14/2016 Comments
The last three weeks have been a blur!
Do It For Your Future
Teri 02/22/2016 Comments
We are born with three things: a mind, a body and a lifetime. How you treat the first two determines the last one.  
The Winter Market
Teri 02/15/2016 Comments
Every Saturday morning I get up and go to the Rochester Public Market. Even in the winter. When I tell people this they always ask me what I buy this time of year.
To Count or Not To Count
Teri 02/08/2016 Comments
America is obsessed with weight. Billions are made each year by companies promoting what food we should be eating and how we should be exercising. Yet it all boils down to one thing: a calorie in means a calorie has to go out.
Pinball Thoughts
Teri 02/01/2016 Comments
My husband and I are headed to Florida in a few weeks. Of course that leads to panic because I will have to get into a swimsuit. In the middle of the winter. Yep, panic. 
It's Up to You
Teri 01/18/2016 Comments
If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I am not big into formal diets. I feel the best way to stay healthy and at a reasonable weight is to be mindful of what you are putting into your body and to move your body.
Making a New Year's Resolution
Teri 01/04/2016 Comments
Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and feels ready to start the new year!
Rolling with the Punches
Teri 12/21/2015 Comments
Two weeks left in 2015! It seems like I just got used to writing that and now I have to switch to 2016. I hope you are feeling ready and stress-free heading into the busy weeks ahead.
Give it a Try
Teri 12/07/2015 Comments
When was the last time you tried a food you had never eaten before?
It's okay to indulge. Really.
Teri 11/30/2015 Comments
Well, it is that time of year again! The Holidays.
Look at the Trees
Teri 11/22/2015 Comments
Have you ever heard of the expression “can’t see the forest for the trees?”
Getting on the Scale
Teri 11/09/2015 Comments
I have a confession to make: I haven't gotten on a scale in months.
What's for Dinner?
Teri 10/26/2015 Comments
Have you ever had a day that no matter how well you planned nothing seems to go right? This past Saturday I got ready to make dinner and realized...
Getting Spicy!
Teri 10/19/2015 Comments
When my husband and I were in Palm Desert earlier this year we checked out the main shopping area know as El Paseo. When we came across a shop called Savory Spice, I told him to take a seat and get comfy because I knew I would be in that store for awhile.
Pre-plan Your Exercise
Teri 10/05/2015 Comments
I love the gym we belong to because it is small and we have gotten to know the members who work out at the same time as we do.  This makes for a nice environment where we feel we are all in it together.  The downside is...
Pumpkin everything!
Teri 09/28/2015 Comments
It is hard not to notice that every business seems to have jumped on the pumpkin band wagon...I love it for a weird reason: I hate pumpkin spiced anything! 
Good Reasons to Exercise
Teri 09/21/2015 Comments
I am not someone who looks forward to exercise. I like the way I feel when I am done. I like the way my body responds when I push it a little. I like how...
Do You Feel Lucky?
Teri 09/14/2015 Comments
I would be willing to bet that anyone who has driven or ridden in a car has a similar story to the one I am about to share.
Party Food!
Teri 09/07/2015 Comments
A few weeks ago I wrote about how difficult it is to stay ahead of bad habits in the summer. Today marks the unofficial end of summer...
Heros come in all shapes and sizes
Teri 08/31/2015 Comments
I am not someone who watches “reality” television. I have never seen an episode of...
Stack Your Habits
Teri 08/17/2015 Comments
I read an interesting article yesterday in USA Today. It was written by Kim Painter and she wrote about stacking habits. Two years ago I wrote a blog on how it takes about three months for an activity or behavior to become a habit.
How I Use Recipes
Teri 08/10/2015 Comments
Last week I went to the dentist and had a conversation with the dental hygienist (well, she did most of the talking). When she found out I like to cook she asked...
Teri 08/03/2015 Comments
2001 was not a good year for our family. We lost an amazing member of the family and gained an amazing member. Neither was easy.
Staying Ahead in Summer
Teri 07/20/2015 Comments
The summer seems like a natural time to stay active and eat healthy.  After all the weather is great for getting outside and the market is full of fresh produce. Unfortunately...
Don't put it down, put it away!
Teri 07/13/2015 Comments
Many people who know me or are clients seem to assume that I am a neat freak. Let me show you a secret:
Getting to know each other
Teri 07/06/2015 Comments
This post is a little different from my usual topics. These thoughts have been going around in my brain for the last couple weeks and I feel a need to get them out. This blog is called Teri’s Take, after all, and this is my take on some recent events. 
Yoga and Me
Teri 06/22/2015 Comments
Yesterday was the first ever International Yoga Day. Millions of people took to their mats to celebrate. Yoga is part of my weekly workouts and it really helps me focus on my body. But that hasn't always been the case. 
Planning for the Future
Teri 06/15/2015 Comments
I sometimes feel I sound like a broken record. One sentence I seem to type a lot in this blog is...
Vanity Sizing
Teri 06/08/2015 Comments
I wear the same pant size I did my freshman year in college. Impressive right?
You Got This
Teri 06/01/2015 Comments
I talk to myself. A lot.
Diet and Colon Cancer
Teri 05/18/2015 Comments
As I mentioned a couple weeks ago I turned 50. Along with all the feelings that may arise from thinking of myself as half a century old comes practical medical tests that are recommended for everyone my age. Yep, time to go get examined inside and out.
Is a Detox Plan a Good Plan?
Teri 05/11/2015 Comments
Feeling a little sluggish? Maybe a little irregular?...Perhaps you need to try a detox diet!...Screech! That is the sound of me putting my brakes on and looking into the idea of detoxing your body...
The Big 5-0
Teri 05/04/2015 Comments
So this happened yesterday: I turned 50.
"I didn't know you were vegetarian!"
Teri 04/27/2015 Comments
I am reminded occasionally that being vegetarian is still considered different from many people's idea of normal. This past week it happened twice. 
Our Own Worst Critic
Teri 04/20/2015 Comments
This week I want you to try an experiment. Find a picture of yourself and another with some female friends. First look at the other women and think about what you notice.
Spring Clean your Diet
Teri 04/06/2015 Comments
Last week we had a couple days of warm(er) weather and it felt like a weight was lifted off our shoulders! My husband and I opened our windows, went for walks, saw neighbors again and...
Today is a Brand New Day!
Teri 03/30/2015 Comments
Last week I was driving to the gym a little earlier than usual and happened to see an amazing sunrise. It was so incredible I pulled over to take a picture:
Eat your stress away
Teri 03/16/2015 Comments
Do you know what stresses you out the most? It is different for everyone but the toll it takes on our bodies is not so different. It can be a factor for everything from heart disease to weight gain to diabetes to insomnia, just to name a few.
Get uncomfortable
Teri 03/09/2015 Comments
One drawback to traveling is, well, traveling.
Fit for a relationship
Teri 02/16/2015 Comments
So this happened, my husband turned 50 last week. We celebrated over a couple of days...
Convenience Food
Teri 02/09/2015 Comments
The generation dubbed the Millennials (ages 18-34) are choosing convenience stores for dinner! 11% of people in that age group are stopping at convenience stores to grab food because it is cheap and, well, convenient.   
Snow Day Thoughts
Teri 02/02/2015 Comments
Snow Day! That is the best description for today. We have about two feet on the ground and it is still falling! Seemed like a good day to curl up and catch up on some reading. That would have been so easy, but...
Preparing for the Worst
Teri 01/27/2015 Comments
Do you know anyone who likes to think of the worst thing that could happen so that when it doesn't actually happen, she thinks everything is great? I do and I sometimes find it exhausting to always be imagining the worst and hoping for the best.
Positively Thankful
Teri 01/19/2015 Comments
The above statements all come from my thankful journal. I try to write in it each night before bed. I started doing this in January, 2013...
Metabolism and Calories
Teri 01/12/2015 Comments
It seems you cannot turn on the television or open a magazine without seeing a story about losing weight or improving your metabolism or cleaning up your diet or…
Happy New Year!
Teri 01/06/2015 Comments
Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season. I have to say this New Year’s Eve was one of the best, if not the best, I have ever had!
Year End Wrap-Up
Teri 12/30/2014 Comments
Ever have a couple weeks go by and realize a couple weeks went by in a blink of an eye? Christmas seems to come so fast and then it’s over so quick!
Adjectives aren't healthy
Teri 12/15/2014 Comments
Last week I wrote about my dislike for calling food fake just because it is different from traditional definitions. Describing vegetarian or vegan food can be hard without...
They're Real!
Teri 12/08/2014 Comments
I love coffee! My morning does not seem complete if I do not have a cup of coffee, preferably good coffee. Everyone who drinks coffee has their favorite brand, coffee shop, preparation method, etc. My preference is...
Get moving
Teri 12/01/2014 Comments
How was your Thanksgiving? I have to admit I ate more than I planned, but I really tried to stay connected with what I knew I should do and what I actually did. I turned down seconds...
Get Connected
Teri 11/24/2014 Comments
Part of my reboot plan for getting back on track is going to a nutrition discussion group each week. The group is led by Judy Arazoza of Kick It Up Personal Training and I have learned a lot about making and breaking habits, finding solutions instead of excuses...
Eating and Exercise
Teri 11/18/2014 Comments
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my reboot of my exercise routine. I am happy to report that it is still going well. My trainer has been challenging me with new workouts and I am finding new muscles I did not know could hurt! I feel good and...
Being Kind
Teri 11/10/2014 Comments
Do you ever stand in line at the supermarket and read the headlines of the magazines sold there? It can make your head spin! Love your body! Improve your body! Love your cellulite! Get rid of your cellulite! Love your stomach! Flatten your stomach! And that is just one magazine cover!
Teri 11/03/2014 Comments
I have a confession to make: this summer I slacked off on my workouts.
Know Your Weakness
Teri 10/27/2014 Comments
One of the things I love about our neighborhood is how well we get along with our neighbors. The houses are close together and we all tend to sit out on our porches and socialize. One day this past summer...
Mix 'n Match Monday
Teri 10/20/2014 Comments
One of the hardest parts about flying is trying to eat “normally”. Our trip to San Francisco involved a tight layover in Chicago, too tight to find a place to grab food that fit our eating requirements. Then we were going to be on a 5 hour flight...
Cooking for Two
Teri 10/13/2014 Comments
When I was single my refrigerator looked like the stereotypical single person’s fridge. It contained minimal food; mostly cheese, a vegetable, beer and a bottle of white wine. I ate out a lot.
Teri 09/29/2014 Comments
Today I want to start with a hypothetical situation. For whatever reason, you are enjoying a nice glass of wine or...
A Good Laugh
Teri 09/22/2014 Comments
When I get in the mood to watch some funny videos I will search for Ellen Degeneres. Her clips can usually get me laughing so hard I start crying!
Let's Make A Deal
Teri 09/15/2014 Comments
Does anybody else make deals with themselves? It seems all day long I am getting things done by bartering with myself.
Be Good to your Brain!
Teri 09/08/2014 Comments
Today I spent 5 hours at the 7th Annual Early Stage Conference presented by the Alzheimer’s Association in our area.
Cabinet Cleanout
Teri 09/01/2014 Comments
Labor Day! Yep, it is official: the year is flying by! The start of a new school year and a new season are sort of like New Year’s Day. Holidays are over and everyone starts thinking about getting back to a routine. To me it is a time to clean out cabinets and closets...
Flattery or Harassment?
Teri 08/25/2014 Comments
Many years ago I lived in the Park/East/University Avenue section of Rochester. For anyone unfamiliar with the city, this is not considered a “bad” section of town. The word yuppie is often associated with it...
Looking your best
Teri 08/18/2014 Comments
Did you ever watch the show What Not to Wear? I loved it because the hosts did not care what size or shape a participant was, instead they would work with her to find the best clothes to fit her body and style.
I conquered that...
Teri 08/11/2014 Comments
On August 23rd, 1992 I did something some people might think crazy, some might think foolish and others might think thrilling. I jumped out of an airplane.
Teri 08/04/2014 Comments
I recently saw a commercial for Fiber One bars that showed a man in various settings (tailgating, bowling, fishing) eating various health foods (broccoli, carrots, salad) and watching as all his buddies chowed down on junk food (chips, hotdogs, donuts).
Teri 07/28/2014 Comments
Ever go to the gym and see the one funny person who is listening to an iPod and dancing to music only she can hear? Yea, that would be me!
Teri 07/21/2014 Comments
Saturday night I went to bed at my normal time (10:30), slept for awhile and when I woke up I felt good. It was still dark so I figured it was a little before my normal time of getting up (between 5:30 and 6:00). I rolled over and looked at the clock. 12:26!
Listening is Hard
Teri 07/14/2014 Comments
I have to admit I overuse the phrase “listen to your body.” It is easy to say, but the older I get the more mixed messages my body sends, making it harder to listen! The problem is my brain is saying one thing and my muscles are on a totally different page. This became painfully (literally) obvious last week when I hurt my shoulder. Now I wish I could tell you how I did it, but I can’t.
Public Market
Teri 07/07/2014 Comments
Being away for the weekend meant I could not go to Rochester’s Public Market on Saturday, as I normally would. This time of year the market is so full of fruits, vegetables, baked goods, spices, herbs, cheeses, flowers, eggs and people that it can be a bit overwhelming.
Keep your Brain Healthy
Teri 06/30/2014 Comments
I have written about how taking care of yourself is so important to maintain a high quality of life. People find all kinds of excuses not to eat well or work out. They say they don’t have the time, or it is too expensive or they plain old don't want to. I get it! I would rather eat a plate of french fries than go for a run! I have said before that the best part of my work out is...
A Diet Wrecking Ball
Teri 06/23/2014 Comments
If you are drinking a diet soda right now please put it down until after you read this blog. I have said before that a calorie in should be a calorie out. That means if you are trying to maintain your weight, calories in should equal calories out. To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume. This is pretty basic, so to make it a bit more challenging you have to know that not all calories are created equal.
Read the whole recipe!
Teri 06/16/2014 Comments
Last week I shared tips that I use in the kitchen to make cooking more efficient or tasty. One very important tip I realized I should share is one we hear all the time: read a recipe all the way through before starting. This became an issue for me this week when I was making a recipe for Homemade Seitan Hot Wingz. I did read the recipe but didn't...
Kitchen Tips
Teri 06/09/2014 Comments
This week I want to focus on some useful tips you can use in the kitchen! I think everyone who cooks has developed some tricks that either save time or improve flavor. Today I will share some of mine and I hope if you have any you will share them with everyone in the comment section on Facebook. Or email me and I will post them.
Quiche anyone?
Teri 06/02/2014 Comments
Anybody remember the book Real Men Don't Eat Quiche? It satirized the idea that for men to be manly they should not know what quiche is much less eat it. Quiche became the epitome of a sensitive man who was in touch with his feminine side. Um, and what is wrong with that? The phrase implies that real men should be chowing down on steak and other “macho” food.
Teri 05/26/2014 Comments
Happy Memorial Day! I have no complaints about today’s weather! Love, love, love it! I went for a nice long walk and thought about what I wanted to write about today. My thoughts kept going back to a show my husband and I watched last night called My 600-Lb Life on TLC. It was the first time we had seen it (it is a series) and it was painful and uncomfortable to watch and not just because of the graphic video of surgery and what morbid obesity can do to your body.
Fooducate Yourself
Teri 05/19/2014 Comments
I love talking about food! Exchanging recipes, getting information about food I have never tried, new ways to prepare an old standby, how people are trying to eat better, etc. It is all fascinating because we all have an opinion about food.
What's Your Plan?
Teri 05/12/2014 Comments
There is an anti-smoking commercial on TV that shows a man sitting in an examination room waiting for his doctor. It shows the doctor coming in multiple times and giving the man terrible news such as "you have lung cancer" and "you have emphysema".
Don't Refrigerate That!
Teri 05/05/2014 Comments
Occasionally I go to a friend’s house and notice there are tomatoes stored in the refrigerator. That makes me cringe a little because I know that those tomatoes will end up mealy and flavorless. All that cold will suck the tastiness right out of your tomato! So what should go in the fridge? I ran across an article titled Seriously, Stop Refrigerating These Foods, and found it quite informative.
Teri 04/28/2014 Comments
I remember when I was in college and it seemed like I could eat whatever I wanted and my weight never really changed much. I went to school in a typical college town that had a great sub shop, a yummy Mexican fast food place and, right across from campus, a pizza place that delivered. And of course there was the dining hall; not great food but plenty of food.
Take time for yourself
Teri 04/21/2014 Comments
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. What a gorgeous day it turned out to be! We had a last minute get together at our house for family and friends. Our morning was pretty hectic as my husband cleaned the house and I prepped the food. I found myself saying after we got through the day I would find time to workout. After I said this a couple times to myself I stopped a second and thought harder about why I was putting off going for a jog.
Say Cheese!
Teri 04/14/2014 Comments
Last week the comic strip Pearls Before Swine had two of its characters break off their relationship because he realized they were wrong for each other. The example he told her was that if they were lost in a snowstorm and found a shelter made of cheese they could either stay safe inside it or eat it and die happy. Of course she said don’t eat it...
Teri 04/07/2014 Comments
Growing up we occasionally had pancakes or waffles for breakfast. I confess I don't remember exactly what brand of syrup we used (Aunt Jemima looks familiar to me, though, when I see her at the grocery store), but I know it was a great treat to pour out that yummy, sweet brown liquid. A recent report from Consumer Reports about the caramel coloring used in table syrup has left me sad and nostalgic about those mornings.
It's All About You!
Teri 03/31/2014 Comments
This blog is about you! Occasionally people come up to me and say they think about me when they are eating or working out. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts, but I would rather you are thinking about yourself! I hope to encourage you and provide support as you continue or start on a journey to a healthy lifestyle. The bottom line, however, is your choices are exactly that, yours.
Muscle vs. Fat
Teri 03/24/2014 Comments
Which weighs more: a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks? We all know the answer to that, right? No matter what it is made up of, a pound is a pound. So why do we tell ourselves that muscle weighs more than fat? Whatever the number on the scale, it is what you weigh, whether you are total muscle or not.
Spring Cleaning
Teri 03/17/2014 Comments
I read a comment recently by a fellow blogger about spring being a better time to make “resolutions” than January 1st. I agreed because it seems the perfect time to set some new goals as we wake up from a VERY long winter. (Seriously, 15 inches of snow last week! Come on, Mother Nature!). I have to believe spring will come and this is the perfect opportunity to clean out some closets and cupboards, especially if the weather is still keeping us hunkered down in our houses!
It's all Routine
Teri 03/03/2014 Comments
Vacations are awesome but they can also be a challenge when it comes to food and fitness. Getting in a routine is the best way to stay on top of your health. If it is just second nature to make a bowl of oatmeal in the morning before heading to the gym you don't have to put a lot of effort in sticking to that plan. I was talking to a woman I know at the gym last week and she was telling me how she was just getting back into working out after taking a break of 30+ years!
Teri 02/24/2014 Comments
Last week I talked a bit about carbohydrates and how they get a bad rap even though they are part of a healthy diet. It is all about the kind of carbs you choose. Loaded baked potato with sour cream, butter and bacon? Bad! Baked potato topped with Greek yogurt? Good! Bread made with white, enriched flour?
Grains and Carbs
Teri 02/17/2014 Comments
Whole grains are good for you! Carbohydrates are bad for you! But grains are full of carbs! What is a person to believe? I did a little reading on the subject and want to share with you what I learned. Look out! Educational blog coming up!
Teri 02/10/2014 Comments
Does anyone remember when Coca Cola switched their formula back in the 80’s? Remember the uproar over the New Coke? Fairly quickly they started offering Classic Coke again. They learned the lesson...
Teri 02/03/2014 Comments
Kersplat! That is the sound I made as my feet went out from under me and I ended up on my rear in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s yesterday. No need to worry, I am okay. A bit sore and stiff...
500 Calories
Teri 01/27/2014 Comments
We all know losing weight and working out more are the top resolutions people make. Last week the paper ran an article on how to burn 500 extra calories each day in order to lose a pound a week.
Bikini Bridge Hoax
Teri 01/20/2014 Comments
As I bundle up to keep warm every morning I find it hard to believe I was in a bathing suit a little over a week ago soaking up the warmth on a beach.
Vacation Wrap-Up
Teri 01/13/2014 Comments
After a week of sun and sand in Aruba we are back. We had quite the adventure getting there that included an overnight stay at the Ramada Inn in Newark, New Jersey...
Happy New Year!
Teri 12/30/2013 Comments
Happy New Year! Ready or not it is 2014! I like that number better than 2013 simply because I like even numbers. January 1st is a big day for making resolutions.
No Apologies
12/23/2013 Comments
We were at a holiday cocktail party recently and I had a conversation with someone about being a vegetarian. It went something like this: 
Did you see this video?
Teri 12/16/2013 Comments
We made it half way through December! How are your stress levels? We have been through three parties, two get togethers with friends and went out to dinner twice. We have two more...
There's WHAT in that?
Teri 12/09/2013 Comments
I have mentioned before that the ingredients in many processed foods are less than appetizing. So when this month’s issue of Consumer Reports contained an article about Food Fake-Outs I knew I had to write about it. Creamers with no cream, blueberry cereal with no blueberries, bacon bits with no bacon, and so on.
Ready for December?
Teri 12/02/2013 Comments
The feast day is over! How did you do? I received a lot of feedback from my last blog. Many of you had plans to keep the day of overeating in check.
11/25/2013 Comments
Thursday is Thanksgiving. Those words scare me! Not because of the abundance of food that will be hard to resist but because it got here so fast!
Life is Short
Teri 11/18/2013 Comments
Every once in a while it is important to remember to be grateful for the blessings we have in life. We get caught up in so many day to day things that are important but...
Teri 11/18/2013 Comments
Ever start reading a book and each page has something on it that you want to share with whomever is nearby? I had that experience with a book called Fit from Within by Victoria Moran.
Teri 11/11/2013 Comments
Have you all realized that I get a lot of ideas from magazine and newspaper articles I read? This Saturday’s Rochester D and C was full of information that I wanted to comment on!
Good Choices
11/11/2013 Comments
I spent this morning focusing on the two things that seem to take high priority in my life: food and fitness. The weather has been so wonderful this summer and fall that I have spent minimal time at the gym. I would rather go for a walk...
Teri 11/04/2013 Comments
50 Healthiest Foods for Women. The 31 Healthiest Foods of all Time. 5 Foods You Should be Eating for Your Best Body. These are just a few links to articles you can find in magazines, on the web and on tv shows...
You Look Mahvelous!
Teri 11/04/2013 Comments
A little article in the paper this weekend caught my eye. The headline read “Social media fuel dangerous weight-loss goal.” Experts who work in the field of eating disorders...
My Snickerdoodle Experiment
Teri 10/28/2013 Comments
I am going to start today’s blog by saying the recipe today should be enjoyed only in small portions and in moderation!
Being Mindful
Teri 10/28/2013 Comments
It seems like just last week I was telling my husband that the nice weather was just beginning and we still had all spring and summer to enjoy it! Where the heck did the time go? How did it get to be Halloween already?
Diet vs. Exercise
Teri 10/21/2013 Comments
I hope that reading my blog has encouraged some of you to get started on whatever goals you have for yourself. It strikes me that no matter what we want to accomplish, the process is often the same. You must know what you want and you must start at some point.
Teri 10/14/2013 Comments
A 12 year old girl committed suicide this week after enduring relentless bullying. That headline breaks my heart. The bullies were former classmates and children themselves.
Getting Started
Teri 10/07/2013 Comments
I have a new favorite saying: four months from now you will be glad you started today (thank you Kick It Up Personal Training). What do you want to get accomplished?
Food Labels
Teri 09/30/2013 Comments
I have been reading a lot about food labels and giant food companies and ingredients they use to keep us coming back to buy their products. A real eye opening article was in Eating Well magazine called The Whole Grain, Reduced Fat, Zero-Calorie, High-Fiber, Lightly Sweetened Truth About Food Labels.
A Few Random Thoughts
Teri 09/23/2013 Comments
I can’t believe this is my 15th posting! The time has really flown by! I would like to thank everyone who has sent positive comments and who continue to read my blogs.
Teri 09/16/2013 Comments
True story: I was sitting at my dining room table trying to decide what to write today and I remembered I have a list of blog ideas in a notebook that was upstairs. So I got up to get it. Then I remembered I had clothes hanging up on the line downstairs...
Teri 09/16/2013 Comments
I saw recently that they are thinking about using instant replay in baseball. It is surprising to me that with the technology available today this is even up for debate.
Eat Your Veggies
Teri 09/09/2013 Comments
“Eat everything on your plate because there are children starving in Africa!” Did anyone else’s mother use that line at dinner while growing up? How clever we thought we were when...
Teri 09/02/2013 Comments
Can we be honest? I mean to ourselves? When it comes to diet and exercise I know I like to stretch the truth a bit. OK, sometimes I stretch it a lot, and that is usually when the stretch pants have to come out!
Teri 08/26/2013 Comments
We’ve all heard the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It is an easy trap to fall into with diet and exercise.
Teri 08/19/2013 Comments
So often I have a list of things that need to be done and for whatever reason I cannot get motivated to do them! In fact I did not know what to write about this week and...
Teri 08/12/2013 Comments
 Ice cream. Cheese. Cookies. Potato Chips. That is a partial list of the foods that I find difficult to resist. We all have them. Some people have a weakness for sweets and others prefer salty things.
Lessons Learned
Teri 08/05/2013 Comments
I recently read a quote that I love: What someone else thinks about you is none of your business. It sounds kind of harsh but when I thought about it...
Teri 07/29/2013 Comments
For those of you who know me this next statement might come as a shock: I hate to exercise! The only reason I exercise so much is because I love to eat more than I hate to work out.
66 Days
Teri 07/22/2013 Comments
66 days. That is how long it takes to create a new habit. A little over two months. Not so long in the grand scheme of things but a long time when you are trying to adopt a new custom.
Teri 07/15/2013 Comments
Life is full of choices. So many choices we make without really thinking about them, such as when to get up, what to put in your coffee, how to brush your teeth, etc. Others we have to be much more aware of such as when to change lanes...
Teri 07/08/2013 Comments
Last week I posted a recipe that called for an ingredient that might be unfamiliar to many people, especially non-vegetarians. I want to expand on that this week. 
What do I eat?
Teri 06/24/2013 Comments
The question I get asked most often when I tell people I am a vegetarian is what do you eat? I think the answer most people expect is tofu because if I don’t mention it then it gets brought up. Now tofu is one of those foods that has a very bad reputation...
My Love of Cooking
Teri 06/17/2013 Comments
My love of cooking came around 30 years ago when I got my first restaurant job (I will save you the math, I am 48). I grew up with a mother who loved to cook and always had a delicious homemade meal on the table each night. Like all good daughters I declared I did not want to be anything like my mom so I decided I would not cook at all! My first apartment had a stove that I...

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